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Summer BBQ Planning Checklist

Summer BBQ Planning Checklist

Hosting a BBQ is a great way to spend time with loved ones when the weather is good. BBQ’s have become a beloved tradition across the UK, and at the first sight of sun we’re preparing the food and stocking up on drinks.  As spontaneous and fun as a BBQ is, many things need to be carefully considered during the preparation time.  Below is a BBQ checklist from we buy any home to ensure you have a smooth and fun BBQ gathering.

#1- BBQ Attire:

Wearing the correct clothing for a BBQ is essential, especially if you’re on grill duty. Wearing long sleeve shirts is not advisable as they might be a fire hazard. Having a pair of grilling mitts is crucial as it will aid in avoiding blisters or burns while you’re preparing delicious food for everyone. Latex gloves can act as a hygiene precaution- especially if you’re going to be handling a lot of raw meat. If you’re concerned about the smell of food lingering on your clothes, perhaps bringing an additional change of clothes is beneficial.

#2- Themes and Decorations:

Enjoying food and drink in the sun can be made even more fun by incorporating a decorative theme. Simply decorating your garden under themes such as tropical theme, decades (think 70s, 80s and 90s) or a beach theme is a great way to get everyone involved and even occupy younger guests by creating theme-related activities and games.

#3 – Preparing a Shopping List:

There is simply no BBQ without food. Running out of food or drink or failing to cater for different dietary requirements are up there on the ‘how to fail at a BBQ’ handbook. To avoid your BBQ being spoken about for all the wrong reasons, preparing a shopping list is essential. Stock up on burgers, hot dogs and sides- and don’t forget about snacks, sauces and the smaller things like BBQ skewers.

#4- Entertainment and Activities:

The current pandemic limits our ability to fully interact with each other, however that doesn’t mean we can’t still be social! Socially distanced sporting activities are a great way to make sure everyone can have a great time while staying safe. Quizzes in household teams and board games are always a good option too.

#5- Staying Safe:

Disposable materials are usually the preferred choice at a BBQ, but even so, cleaning provisions must still be put in place. Due to the pandemic, its perhaps a good idea to have sanitizing stations around the garden, or antibacterial wipes given to each household as they enter. If your guests require to use the bathroom, laying out a one-way system around your home is an efficient way to limit the risk of physical contact.