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Are you one of those people who want to share photos of dishes that you have created but are not aware of how to take a picture of it appetizingly? Then you should learn the basic food photography tips to enhance the deliciousness of the dish that you want to share.

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These tips are sure to give you the advantage of taking every dish you want to cook and have prepared with much passion and entice the viewers of the photo. With considering such tips, you are assured that you can get the best out of the dish that you cooked and let your friends like the dish that you have posted.

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One of the most important food photography tips that you should learn is to get the perfect lighting for your dish. All that you want to post is a photo of your dish with rich colour and would show how appetizing it is. The dish should be placed in a location where enough lighting is present to enhance the colour and richness of the colours that you have incorporated with your dish. It is best that you consider the lighting first to make sure that you can grab the interest of people who would see your post.

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The following are some of the food photography tips that you should consider for the lighting: Never do a frontal shot with a flash on the dish. Keep in mind that the flash will wash the texture out of the food or the dish subject that you have chosen. With food photography, the basic thing that you want to achieve is the texture.

Consider using lights from the rear or side parts of your dish. This is sure to give depth with the image that you take. It can also provide your viewers to focus on an interesting perspective.

You can also use natural lighting, like the sun. It is known to work well with the above positions. Though the above position is not that good at some indoor shots, you may want to consider placing it in an area where there are windows that provide sunny positions.

Placing small mirrors as your way of focusing light on your dish can help in reducing harsh shadows on your dish or diverting the attention of people to the composition of the dish that you have made.

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As you consider getting the perfect lighting as one of the major food photography tips that you should consider, you are assured that the photos that you will take will be as appetizing as how you want it to be.

Aside from lighting, you should also consider getting the right composition of the dish that you are about to take as a part of the food photography tips that you should achieve.

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Make sure that the food or dish is fresh and free from any blemishes since small imperfections can affect the entire look of your dish and degrade its effect on the viewers. Before you post an image online, you can also check the viewfinder of your camera, depending on the camera that uses, to make sure that you have achieved the look that you want for your dish.


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