Grandmother's Butter Cookies Recipe Holds a Special Place

There are so many great traditions that I have in my family and relationships. My husband and I have enjoyed carrying on many traditions that we practised in the families that we grew up in. We’ve also established new traditions with our own kids. As with most traditions and celebrations many of our rituals involve food.

We are both of German heritage and enjoy cooking as well as eating. From the time our children were little we have always tried to include them in preparing meals on a day to day basis. And we have made special occasions out of preparing foods for our traditional celebrations.

One of my fondest memories of helping my mom in the kitchen was when we made my grandmother’s butter cookies recipe. It was so much fun making the different shapes out of the rolled out dough and then decorating the cookies once they were baked. Mom would have a wonderful variety of sprinkles and different coloured frostings for us to use on the sugar cookies.

I use my grandmother’s butter cookies recipe with my own children. They enjoy making these cookies so much that we have increased the occasions that we make them for. My mother would only make the butter cookies recipe once a year during the Christmas season. But we’ve decided to also make the cutout cookies for Valentines Day, Easter and the fourth of July.

The key to any good butter cookies recipe is for the dough to have plenty of butter and to leave it in the refrigerator for several hours and preferably overnight. Having cold dough allows for easier rolling without having to add extra flour, which can produce a dry cookie with little taste.

Depending on the holiday I sometimes use different spices to add to the butter cookies recipe. At Christmas, I add cinnamon to the dough and for Easter, I add lemon extract.

Try not to worry about the mess and allow your kid’s imagination to run wild while decorating. I’ve found that if I cover the workspace with a cheap plastic tablecloth the clean up is easy because I can simply throw it away when we’re done. I usually set aside cookies that I want frosted special for serving at parties or to take to various functions.

Our children are now grown and we have started making these special cookies with our grandchildren. It is neat that my grandmother’s butter cookies recipe is now bringing smiles to yet another generation. I’m sure she’s smiling too.


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