Top 10 Tips for Taking Professional Food Photos

When it comes to food photography tips you probably get a lot of the same old advice online. Most of it is something that you already know. Here you will find a comprehensive set of tips that will allow you to take excellent pictures of food without hearing more of the same old thing. After all, your time is precious and you have pictures to take! So, let’s get started.

1 – Use the Correct Lighting

Ok so maybe this one you already knew, but it is about more than just being able to see the pictures. Many artists hear this but they aren’t getting the idea. You want to use all of the available light that you have at your disposal. That is right, the brighter the better. Take lamp shades off, turn on overhead lights and whatever else you can do to “shed some light on the subject.”

2 – Does it Look Good Enough to Eat?

If it doesn’t look good enough to eat then it doesn’t look good enough to photograph. It may look great to the eyes but look at the photograph. Your cocktail may have to play with the arrangement and even adjust the lighting. What matters the most is how good it looks in the photograph though. Make sure your hot foods actually look hot, and the cold foods need to speak to the viewer that they are cold.

3 – Texture and Color are Your Friends

Play with textures and colours while you are photographing the foods. Using a white plate can make the foods pop. As a matter of fact, many restaurants do this so their foods look more appealing. However, using different colours Tomato_cucumber_saladshould not be something that you shy away from. You want the photographs to have character.

4 – Plan the Way You Plate the Food

Don’t just throw the food on the plate in a neat fashion. Plan it, and even make it your own personal work of art. What will best capture the food and the message?

5 – Are You Capturing the Action?

Yes! You can capture the action on food photo shoots. There is action in everything. supreme pizza Try getting pre-creation shots. Get shots of how the food is plated for optimal visual experiences and even shoot it as it cooks. It is not all about catching it on the plate. Let your food shots tell a story.

6 – Make Sure the Food is not the Only Thing Telling the Story

Photos should tell a story. Just like the food telling its story, the marriage of the food with the ingredients should also tell a story of its own. Photograph the seasonings and the process of incorporating them if you can.

7 – Get Creative!

Do not do a white plate on a white tablecloth with a white wall in the background. Your photos need colour and character. If the food is not popping as you want then change the arrangement and the lighting, but do not do red pepperblaze photos just to make the food pop. Get creative and showcase your talents.

8 – Make Them Want to Taste It

When the photos are perfect they will make you want to try it. They will make your mouth water and your tummy rumble. Get a couple of opinions, but you will know when you have captured the money shot.

9 – Don’t Come off as Fake and Use Props

Using props is a good idea, and adding colour is great. The one thing you never want to use as a prop, however, is fake food. Many people get nice looking artificial foods and glue them in an arrangement, do not do this. Use real food.

10 – If at First, You Don’t Succeed…

Take as many shots in as many different angles as you need to. Good enough just won’t cut it in today’s technological high definition world.


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