Discussing a Chef Resume

Introduction of the Job

It has been said by many that when one chooses to pursue the position of chef they are not simply choosing a career, they are choosing a lifestyle. The position of chef requires not only a love for food and commitment to creativity in the kitchen but dedication and passion as well. A chef is given the opportunity to work closely with others while developing their own signature style. The position of chef requires motivation and determination, as the hours can be long and the job fast-paced and stressful. Those who will be most satisfied with a career in the kitchen must have a passionate love and respect for food as an art form.

Key Responsibilities

The key responsibilities delegated to a chef can vary amongst employers but could include such tasks as deciding on a theme or motif for a restaurant and developing a menu that fits that theme, managing and overseeing other employees, actual food preparation in addition to some marketing responsibilities. Other managerial duties that a chef can be appointed to include overseeing customer relations as well as establishing and maintaining a positive relationship with vendors of products that the restaurant requires.

Level of Education Required

The level of education required to be a chef varies greatly depending on the rank of the position sought. Some beginning jobs as cooks or chefs may not even require a high school diploma, while the requirements to become an executive chef can entail 8 to 15 years of experience working in the culinary business. Most candidates pursuing a culinary career will complete a 2-4 year college program at a professional culinary institute where they will be trained and can pursue apprenticeship opportunities to work under the guidance of an experienced chef working in the field. The more experience a chef has the more valuable they will be to an employer, as the position of chef requires practical and first-hand knowledge of how to work successfully in a commercial kitchen.

Career Path

The demand for chefs in the workforce is consistently increasing due to the general increase in population and the demand for food as well as the increase in household incomes allowing people to eat in restaurants more frequently. The average salary of a chef falls within the range of $35,000 to $75,000 per year. The ability to move up the ladder in the culinary world is highly dependent on experience. While degrees from professional culinary institutes can help to give you a jump-start, most career paths require that chefs start at the bottom and work their way to the top positions of the head and executive chefs through years of hard work and dedication.


When discussing the Chef resume the responsibilities required of a chef are demanding. The work can be highly stressful and the hours long, but if one is passionate about food and the art of cooking these hours can be enjoyable. In order to be successful as a chef, an individual must be incredibly dedicated to the position and committed to their career. The position of chef requires that one consign to the lifestyle the occupation calls for.


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