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Tips in Cooking Pork Liver Steak and Delicious Potato Raita

Tips in Cooking Pork Liver Steak and Delicious Potato Raita

Benefits of Pork Liver

Cooking pork liver steak does not just benefit our tummies; it provides us with loads of iron content. In fact, the health benefits of pork liver may surprise us. For instance, eating pork liver can help you gain the energy that you need, especially when you’re low on blood, feeling tired, or haven’t had enough sleep.

Cooking pork liver steak is very easy to do. It should, however, be done properly and with care to get a good meal out of it. If you want a juicy and deliciously done pork liver steak, follow these simple tips below.

Tips #1. Cooking pork liver steak too long in the pan brings out a bitter taste. More so, pork liver tends to be hard and stringy when exposed to too much heat. Cooking pork liver needs to be quick, very fast.

Tips #2. In cooking pork liver steak, you need to prepare all the ingredients first. Cut the onions, garlic and other spices before you turn on your pan. The trick is to seamlessly cook the dish without any interruption. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a less than perfect dish.

Tips #3. In marinating the pork liver, don’t put too much lime. You don’t want to have too much acidity in your pork liver steak. While Vitamin C helps in the absorption of the iron content in your liver, cooking-wise you don’t want to overpower the dish with citrus flavour.

Tips #4. Save several raw onion rings in cooking pork liver steak. Before serving, you can put them as the garnish to your dish.

Tips #5. Start cooking pork liver steak when you’re about to eat the meal. This dish is best eaten when it’s hot and gotten straight from the pan.

Did you enjoy these simple tips in cooking pork liver steak? I always use them when I’m cooking this dish at home. I particularly use Tips#3 when I cook other recipes with pork liver.

While pork liver is a good source of iron and other nutrients, take care of cooking pork liver steak too often. One of the weeks is just enough to provide you with your regular dose of pork liver.

Delicious Potato Raita

How to make delicious potato raita Enjoy this sultry summer with plenty of curd preparation, churned out to Make you lick your lips.


  • 2 cups potato boiled
  • 2 cups curd
  • Salt and pepper to taste

For seasoning

  • 1 tsp oil
  • ½ tsp mustard seeds
  • A pinch of turmeric powder
  • 1 whole red chilly chopped
  • Peel and mash potatoes. Beat curd and mashed potatoes, salt and
  • Pepper to it Heat oil in a big spoon and put mustard seeds and red chilly into it.
  • When they crackle add turmeric powder and pour over raita. Lightly and serve cold.