Types of Coffee for Coffee Lovers

For coffee lovers, the different types of coffee at your local coffee house contain a broad array of choices. There is far more than the standard regular and decaf coffee choices. Aside from the large assortment of coffee beans, there are many different ways to prepare and serve coffee. Listed here are some of the typical ways coffee is served.

Espresso. Espresso is made by forcing extremely hot water through a tightly packed, finely ground coffee filter. The hot water is pushed through the coffee grounds with a great deal of pressure. When you watch a barista make this, you will observe that he/she is wedging the grounds very firmly into the filter basket. The barista will often be pounding the basket, in order to ensure a packed density and great taste. Espresso is served in much smaller cups – typically about two ounces, as it has a stronger favour and taste along with a higher caffeine content…

Cappuccino. Cappuccino is a coffee drink made by mixing espresso, warm milk, and frothy milk. Espresso is mixed with warm milk then topped with milk foam. When you are at your local coffee house you will frequently hear a noise similar to canned whip cream being expelled. When you hear this sound, the barista is making cappuccino. The spurting sound is a result of the milk being warmed to its foamy consistency. Cappuccino is served in larger cups- typically ranging in size from six to twelve ounces. Depending on your local coffee house, the barista will sometimes make an artful design in the foam placed into the coffee. More recently, iced or frozen cappuccinos are becoming a popular drink.

Latte. A Latte is similar to cappuccino. A latte consists of a mixture of espresso and warm milk. Some coffee houses will even mix foamed milk atop the latte. It’s rare, but if it occurs, it’s generally only a thin layer of foamed milk. Latte and cappuccino have very similar taste; the critical difference is in the smoother texture of a latte.

Turkish coffee. Turkish coffee is not so much a different type of coffee bean but rather a different method of coffee preparation. Turkish coffee is made by boiling finely powdered coffee in a pot. Unlike typical coffee brewing, no filter is used. As a result of this boiling process, a stronger tasting coffee is made. Turkish coffee tastes even stronger than espresso. Although the coffee is finely ground, you will still find dregs at the bottom of your cup. Turkish coffee is often sugared to offset its noticeably bitter taste.

Blended coffees. Your coffee house may also combine different beans to get a variety of different taste. Also, some coffee houses blend coffees with teas, spices, chocolate or even fruit extracts. These tasty combinations create a wide variety of flavours not ordinarily associated with your normal cup of coffee. Experienced baristas can create all types of coffee concoctions with great flavours such as pina colada coffee, peppermint spice mocha, or creme brulee roast.

Regular coffee will be a staple drink of most coffee drinkers. However, the numerous types of coffee available to the coffee drinker guarantee that there is a coffee brew for every taste.


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