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How to grow tomatoes

Now that you are equipped with basic vegetable gardening know-how, it is time to plant your first vegetable. And which vegetable is the most popular among basic vegetable gardeners? The tomato, of course. Tomato seeds are some of the easiest vegetable seeds to plant in your vegetable garden. You just need to prepare your vegetable garden, containers, gardening tools and your tomato seeds and you are ready to plant this vegetable. Here are the steps in properly germinating your tomato seeds and getting the most from your seed:

First things first. Before planting your tomato seeds, prepare the area where you are planning to plant your tomatoes. Make sure you have your gardening tools and of course your tomato seeds.

prepare your tomato seeds. You can start planting tomato plants in just any type of container as long as it has holes in the bottom for drainage.

Get your container and fill it with a mixture of two parts sterilized soil and one part pasteurized compost. Tomato seeds grow best with a soil at 75-90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Create holes in your soil. Then create a space between the holes where you will put your tomato seeds. The space between the tomato seeds should be two to three inches apart with four tomato seeds to each hole, plated about 1/2 inch deep.

After planting your tomato seeds, keep them somewhere that is warm and dark until the seedlings appear.

Tomato seeds don’t need sunlight after planting them. They just need warmth, so it is okay for them to be put somewhere dark. The sprout will take six to 14 days to appear.

As soon as you see the sprout, move the tomato plants into a bright but cool location. Your tomato plants will live perfectly with 60 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and not lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit at night. This step is important so that your plant will not grow too tall and straggly.

When watering your tomato plants, put them in a small tab or container so that they can stand in shallow water. This will allow your tomato plant to absorb as much moisture it needs. It will leave the top of the soil on the dry side which helps prevent damping-off.

When you notice that your tomato plants get bigger, it is time for you to transplant them to bigger pots. Make sure that every time you transfer your tomato plants you bury them deeper in the soil.

Water your tomato plant from the top until the soil is wet before watering again. Remember that, watering your vegetables too much can make its roots drown and eventually die. And, too little water and the roots of your vegetables will wilt, dry up and die. Add organic balanced formula fertilizer to the water every two weeks.

Hardening your tomato plants is very important before transplanting them outside in the vegetable garden. Around this time, two or more sets of true leaves should be visible. To harden your tomato plants, set them in the shade outside during the day and bring them inside at night. Hardening takes about two weeks, after which you can then actually transfer your tomato plants to your vegetable garden.

And lastly, transplant your tomato plants after hardening. Use a spoon or a trowel while moving your plant from the container into the soil. After transplanting your tomato plants, water the soil and apply vegetable fertilizers. Do this regularly.

Additional tips and warnings:

Tomato plants need to harden in a nursery before you can actually transfer them in your vegetable garden.

Do not forget to remove the weeds around your tomato plant. Water them regularly. It is advisable to water your plants twice every day, early in the morning and four or five in the afternoon. Things you will need before planting your tomato plants:

  • Tomato seeds
  • Sterilized garden soil
  • Water
  • Container with the hole in the bottom
  • Bigger pots
  • Pasteurized compost
  • Organic balanced formula fertilizer

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