Food Baby and Your Care

Food baby and its health issues are ‘the’ concern of all moms! This article is about to share some tips and strategies on what the solid foods for babies should be. Did you ever hear any mom complaining about her baby making faces she’s trying to feed her? Well, this is a common scenario when a mom wants to feed her baby with solid foods.

No matter what you do, don’t be too compulsive while giving your baby some solid food. Baby adaptation power to anything tends to be slow in the beginning. So make sure the transition from your breastfeeding to the solid food culture. Sometimes some babies are tough to convince of the tastes and benefits of new solid foods.

And remember that it’s quite natural for some babies to feel suspicious about all the solid foods that you present before them. They may find it hard to swallow anything besides liquid. And there could be risks of allergies. For those moms that wish to cook all by themselves, it’s a good idea to prepare some special recopies for them. This is to make sure that your young one finds both taste and nutrition at the same time. You can also provide her with some finger foods. Start giving her solid foods when she turns six months.

WHO recommendations  Food baby

WHO has some special recommendations about food baby and mom’s conscious care. For the first 6 months, the baby should eat nothing but breast milk. WHO has done some research on the positive sides of breastfeeding. But the fact is that most babies feel interested in tasting whatever is put into in their mouth. And see if your child has gained double the weight she had when she was born. If she is less than that, this is a sign of malnutrition and poor health.

Make Your Baby Interested in Food Food Baby

If the baby seems to have found an interest in the food, this is a good sign. To make your life easier, you should wait until she is able to hold her head steadily. She should be able to sit with ease on your lap as well. But don’t wait till she’s able to sit by herself, though. Moreover, if your child seems hungry and less satisfied with the breastfed milk, this proves that you can give her solid food baby.

To be on the safe side, you should start with the simple tastes only. Just put yourself into the baby’s diapers and imagine how it would feel like to never tasting anything except sweet and warm liquid. The baby hardly knows that any other taste even exists on earth except for the taste of sweet liquor. Likewise, you should also consider starting with easy things. You could either buy some cans of food (food baby items are commonly available in stores, but be the sceptic on the quality, ingredient and age-suitability features).

A common and well-accepted practice would be to prepare baby cereals, whereas cooking something (say, a potato or something soft like that) which you can mash or mix with the food baby formula, is a good idea as well. If you’re really sceptic about food baby nutrition experts should be consulted.


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