Baby Shower Food

A baby shower is a very important occasion for would-be parents. It is a special kind of party that is held to welcome the expected arrival of the baby of a soon to be a parent. A very important factor of the baby shower party is the selection of foods. When choosing the baby shower food, it is of the essence to consider the time of day when the party will be held. Is the party going to be held at brunch time? Or is it an evening affair? Also, the host should take into consideration if he or she will be the one to prepare the entire foods for the baby shower. Or is he or she going to request every guest to bring their own dish on a potluck-theme? Whatever your decision may be, make sure that there is a selection for each taste.

Choosing what kinds of foods to be served on the baby shower plays an integral part in the overall success of the party. See to it that the menu for the baby shower involves all the appropriate concoction and flavour to suit the different tastes of each guest. Here’s a piece of advice when selecting what foods to include in your baby shower menu. You should follow these three basic tips.

The first tip is to take it easy. You need to select the level of effort that you will put into making or serving the foods. The second tip is to make it simple. Pick the meals that are easy to prepare or can be prepared early on. Or you may also opt to buy for pre-made foods for the party. Last but not least is to break it down. Take it just one step at a time. Make sure you make the necessary preparations ahead of time. This way, you can be sure that every single detail of the event is well taken care of.

Generally, there are specific basics that are involved in the menu of a baby shower. These basics specifically refer to the following:

Drink – See to it that you have a certain drink that is available for the guests. The drinks can range from a simple water, punch, soda, or juice.

Appetizer – This is important since it is usually offered to the guests as they arrived at the affair. But it can also be served at the time of opening the presents. Or it can also be served at the ending part of the party. The appetizer can be salad, chips with salsa dip, pretzels, stuffed mushrooms, chicken wings, or others.

Side Dish – A good side dish is of the essence in the menu of the shower party because it helps save the number of other foods served. The side dish can be a salad, a potato dish, or vegetable dish.

Main Dish – This is the most important part of the menu. Usually, the main dish served during baby showers is chicken since it is not only easy to prepare, but it is also easy on the pocket. Other main dishes that can be served during this occasion include barbecue, lasagna or other pasta dishes.

Dessert – This is also important in a baby shower. Usually, the dessert served here is the baby shower cake.


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