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Hot Bbq Double Whopper

For the first of September, BurgerKing presented a well-reworked product range, with the “Double Steakhouse”, “Tendercrisp Chicken” and the “Hot BBQ Double Whopper” being launched as new premium burgers. Thanks to the current voucher campaign, the latter was available to try today at a reduced price.Compared to its two colleagues, this burger doesn’t come in a cardboard box, but in a plain paper wrapper.

If you open it and have the first bite into the juicy meat, you quickly realize the practical benefit of an incompletely opened paper packaging, the generously packed burger does not disintegrate into all its individual parts in your fingersIn terms of taste, the “Hot BBQ Double Whopper” is at the forefront and does not show any major weaknesses. It reminds me of the original McRib.

There are slight deductions for the price/performance ratio, it should cost €4.99 individually and €6.29 in the savings menu. But every now and then you should reward yourself .Yesterday it was finally time, after months of preparation and endless training sessions, five courageous people faced the 99er eating contest. Marcel tried to evade the competition with an absurd story, but giving up is not an option.

So the time of arrival was already used for the first showdown, the compilation of the order. Martin and Marcel were content with six burgers each, so of course only seven came into question for me. For Willy, the big favorite, it was of course easy, highest number of participants + 1. So he went into the race with 8 burgers.When ordering 27 99s, the waiter hesitated and just said we shouldn’t mess up her whole kitchen. The competition equipment found its way to us relatively quickly, sorry to all who ordered or wanted to after us.

Jens started the competition a little earlier, but didn’t look the freshest when we arrived. He can’t be satisfied with four burgers in 15 minutes at the end, he can do that much better.With our full tray we went outside in the sun and the judges started the 15 minutes. Nothing was left, everyone kept their burgers, but nobody felt really good afterwards. Martin, Willy and I managed our packaged meat pellets in the quarter of an hour, Marcel, on the other hand, only had five of his intended six (the last one was of course eaten anyway!)

So Willy is the new Burger King king, until the next competition, which, if I have my way, may be very, very far in the future. It’s not that pleasant, the first two burgers fall by themselves, but you can hardly get the last two down, but you can’t give up!Recently, my girlfriend and I had huge burgers for dinner again. Since my girlfriend is a vegetarian, I am also happy to get involved in the veggie burger experiment.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not difficult at all and it is also very tasty to cook vegetarian dishes – including burgers. Vegetable patties are a good substitute for meatballs (the patties are available at Real, for example, and are highly recommended!). They’re healthier than ground beef, and they’re also far less dry and sticky when fried than BK’s Country Burger.