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You need to be aware that the type of clothing you wear along with the quality and style says a lot about your identity and establishment’s identity. If you are a chef, you need to wear the right apparel. Chef clothing is an important part of any chef’s persona. Of course, every single establishment has perfected its own style. The ambiance of the establishment is created by the design of the establishment and the attitude that design emits. Chef clothing is another important part of the ambiance of the space.

Chef Clothing

Just as the architectural elements of an establishment can make or break it, the right chef clothing is just as important. It has to match the ambiance being set by the food, the atmosphere, and the architectural design. When clientele is present, your chef clothing or uniform is a powerful statement made visually. Wherever you purchase your chef clothing, you should be allowed to customize your look with products that are made-to-order.

The kitchen staff should have matching pants and jackets or shirts as well. The chef clothing should stand out so that it is known by sight who is in charge of the kitchen.

When choosing your chef clothing, you should be able to choose the type of hats, buttons, cuffs, collars, etc to finish the uniform. Whether you are going for comfort or class, your uniform dealer should allow you some voice as to how you embellish your uniforms. If you want high class, you can go for something like Egyptian cotton chef coats. If you want something a little less classy and more comfortable, there are simple coats and aprons. If you are a woman, you want a feminine chef jacket that is designed for women with a flared hip area so it fits nicely.

Your uniform company should have the goal of providing you with excellent customer service and quality clothing. They should be able to size you and your staff and should have staff willing to help you create the perfect image for your establishment.

Make sure you choose the perfect chef clothing from the right uniform company. This can make or break your business, or at the least, having the wrong uniform can make your staff respect your authority less than if you had the appropriate clothing.

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